Emily Simpson Weight Loss: Before and After Pictures

This is the most active time in Emily Simpson’s life right now. The 47-year-old Real Housewives of Orange County star uploaded a video compilation on Tuesday outlining her weight-loss journey. In her fitness journey, Emily Simpson of “Real Housewives of Orange County” said, “My only competition is Me”.

“Around age 42 I gained 40 pounds and it wasn’t until now (age 47) that I was able to finally get it off and feel like my old self again…,” read Emily Simpson’s caption. “Just to be clear though… I rocked a bathing suit on TV for 5 years and never felt ugly or not confident in myself or my body. Not once.”

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The opening scene of Simpson’s video shows her carrying a water bottle, signifying the beginning of her fitness journey. She is then seen performing a range of activities at the gym, including pull-ups, before the sequence ends with a picture of her confidently showing her body in a white bikini.

“I am the strongest (mentally and physically) right now … at age 47 … and I will continue to improve myself daily. My only competition is Me ❤️💪🏻,” She continued in her caption.

Emily simpson weight loss
Emily Simpson Weight Loss

The RHOC actress thanked her fans for supporting her on this journey and giving her inspiration by leaving sweet comments after undergoing many plastic surgeries. She added that those who criticize should know this: “For the haters out there.. I love you too! You motivate me daily to lift harder and eat better ❤️💪🏻🙌.”

Emily simpson weight loss
Emily Simpson Weight Loss

Simpson revealed during Wednesday’s episode of the Two Ts In A Pod podcast, which also featured Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge, that the weight gain she experienced at the age of 42 was not caused by a change in her lifestyle.

Emily simpson weight loss
Emily Simpson Instagram

It’s not like I consciously changed my diet or developed depressed, she said. I think a lot of it was hormonal, part of navigating middle age, and maybe a less than perfect attempt to handle the demands of the show.

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Simpson went on to say that she dedicated to taking care of her fitness because she wanted to feel comfortable and “feel like myself again.”

Her Instagram message included a thank-you to her trainer: “Thank you @paulinastein for texting me at 6am every morning and confirming that my ass would be at the gym by 7 💪🏻🙌😂”.

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